I went to bed angry, and woke up angrier. So far the best way I have of making my anger known is here, through the music of others. But I for one will be channelling that anger in hopefully more productive ways. I hope you'll do the same. Please check out this webpage for more information on how you can get organised.  They won't fucking win.

Discharge - Fight Back
Wizards Tell Lies - Universal Deceit

Woody Guthrie - Blowin' Down the Road (I Ain't Going To Be Treated This Way)
Overwhelmed - What Do You Want?
Whettman Chelmets - AYM! (Fascists Must Go Mix)

Sara Ohm - Bring It On You Fucking Fascists
Mark Stewart - Passivecation Program
Flux Of Pink Indians - Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout
Quartersized - Corporate Anthem For A Post-Brexit Britain
No! - Oi Polloi
St James Infirmary - Anyone But These
Sinnen - Snowdown
GRMMSK - Madness
Alan Morse Davies - Tomorrow Belongs To We
Crass - Bloody Revolutions
Painjerk - Uncle Scum
Redskins - Keep On Keepin' On