La Furnasetta - Italians Spread It Better

Bikini Body - Hands Off

Vanessa Amara - Untitled Two

Caroline McKenzie - A Thousand Butterflies

Venus Aphrodite - Hades Gets A Bride

Grand Dead - Ten Seconds Of Nausea

156 - Begotten

1727 - Life Drains From Kevin Spacey's Eyes As A Smile Spreads Across My Face

Aaron Nicholas West - We Have Here An Example Of A Positive Feedback Mechanism

Abysmal Growls Of Despair - Norshaan

Adam McFillin - The System At Rest

Pinocchio Elephant - Salem's Night

Sara Ohm - Girl, You Are A Human Now

Ade Hodges - Hammerhead

Kapil Seshasayee - The Gharial

Otherworld - Adeglimthew

Disaffected - Not Quite

cowp - Syrinx 2

Nàresh Ran - Clotho

Alan Morse Davies - We Persist