Gratuitous Biscuits & Laughing Hippos - An Exercise in Friendly Plagiarism

Gratuitous Biscuits & Laughing Hippos - An Exercise in Friendly Plagiarism


Debut album from A Beautiful Idea and first HREA'M release, HR-ONE AKA 'Summer 2020'.

Gratuitous Biscuits... blends elements of Cluster, early Faust and Throbbing Gristle with stark electronic drones that are very much now. It's an engaging and immersive listen, dive in.


releases September 4, 2020

Photo by Erika Sella

A.L.F. - cover/interpretation of This Is The A.L.F. from the album The Ungovernable Force by Conflict. The names mentioned in the track are people serving sentences around the world for their beliefs. Visit for more information and how you can support them.

Thanks to:
Bob Mortimer - yes, the Bob Mortimer, the funniest person in the world - for using the words "gratuitous biscuits" in an episode of Athletico Mince. I immediately decided I wanted to use the phrase in an album title.

Mariam's friend Firas, who "introduced me" to the existence of laughing hippos while standing outside The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow. See above.

GRMMSK for the instruments and inspiration. -

Darren for releasing this - the ultimate shot in the arm for an anxiety ridden loner like me. Eternal gratitude.

Everybody I've met either in person or virtually since 2014 when I rediscovered independent music. There's far too many to mention but hopefully you know who you are.

"Let us not overlook vital things, because of the bulk of trifles confronting us." - Emma Goldman

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