Heal The People, Heal The Land - Various Artists

Heal The People, Heal The Land - Various Artists


All proceeds from the sale of this album will go to the Unist’ot’en Camp Legal Fund to help in the fight against the TransCanada Coastal GasLink PipeLine. Find out more at unistoten.camp

All tracks have been donated by the artists for free. Each download comes with a pdf copy of the Heal The People, Heal The Land pamphlet, where you can learn more about the fight and the history of the Wet'suwet'en people.

£4 price is the minimum price for the album. If you're able to pay more please do so.



1. Beth Gripps - Your Stolen Land Will Boil Beneath Your Feet 04:19
2. Carnedd Aur - False Oil 06:30
3. Institute For Noises, Social Topography, Urbanism And The Study Of Non-Places - They Don't Look Indians To Me 01:13
4. DEATH/VOW - In a ditch 04:35
5. San Fran And The Siscos - Bullets And Bombs 03:05
6. St James Infirmary - whin sill schist 01:59
7. Kenosist - Club Overlay 05:54
8. Prophetiae Sibyllarum - Cidio, Representation of a dead body 13:00
9. Sara Ohm - Don't Look At Me When I'm Gone (for Collin) 04:36
10.Rhys Trimble - Swyn 04:15
11.Wave Corners - Chriss 04:52
12.MsHighOnHate - Broken Life 03:56
13.K. Henry Dunham - Take Back The Earth 09:25
14.Θ (theta) - Internalise 04:43
15.Concrete/Field - Fog Planes 06:07
16.Ollie Turbitt - deaths, seed and the bread grew out of the earth 10:32
17.Quartersized - Delay The End 02:40
18.GRMMSK - WHAT YOU ARE [doing] 04:17
19.Fecal Mutilation - New World Flesh 06:15
20.MMC - Utilitarian Flats 05:04
21.cowp - ah sun flower 06:01
22.Eye Spirit & Matt Finney - Rust (24m) 06:00
23.-a.B.i.- - Day 31, We're Not Leaving 09:42
24.Sinnen - Return 03:44

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